Margie Carter and Deb Curtis founded HARVEST RESOURCES in 1994 as a partnership to inspire early care providers and educators to engage fully in their own learning. When teachers become thoughtful, competent decision makers, they take leadership to transform and advance the profession.

Reflecting in Communities of Practice

Reflecting with other teachers can strengthen your abilities to respond to the children in your classroom and share meaningful experiences with them. This workbook is designed to be used with a group of colleagues--a community of practice--but it can also be a self-study tool to help you to understand and practice the key elements of reflective teaching. Ten study sessions provide opportunities to engage with peers as you collaborate and connect theory and best practices in your classrooms. Reflecting in Communities of Practice

In a time of standardization and prescription, Harvest Resources Associates stands for creative and critical thinking.
  • We believe teachers and children deserve to be emotionally and intellectually engaged with each other in learning
  • We believe teachers deserve the time and resources to nourish their hearts and challenge their thinking
  • We believe that training and resources should actively engage teachers in reflective practices that bring theory to life and real life to theory
  • We believe seeking diverse perspectives is central to education for democracy
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London Bridge Child Care Services Leadership Institute and Study Tour
June 5-7, 2014
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Green Mountain Teachers Camp
August 2-7, 2014
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