Thinking Lens ®



Our consultation services begin with work with program leaders to clarify your program's core values and develop a professional learning model that reflects and brings those values to life.

We help build capacity for pedagogical leadership in your program using critical friends work, communities of practice, and a Thinking Lens® protocol to help focus on:

  • Developing a disposition or mindset that children are capable and deserving of the best from us; a mindset of gratitude for the important work we get to do and excitement about the role we can play as agents of change for a better world.
  • Setting the environment up as a 3rd teacher to establish a classroom culture to guide behavior and learning. (Physical space, interesting materials, routines that focus more on children’s minds than behaviors.)
  • Writing learning stories to share with the children and their families.
  • Strengthening the teacher’s voice, passion, and connection with each of the children and their families.
  • Promoting collaboration and learning from different perspectives.

We often use this process:

  1. Offering teachers a selection of open-ended materials to first explore themselves and then to make available to the children.
  2. Working side by side with teachers to observe and discuss:
    • how children are using the environment and materials
    • the meaning of children’s play and conversations
    • what would be worth writing as a learning story and why
    • how studying their observations can guide their planning
    • the value of showing children documentation of their activities
  3. Mentoring teachers with guidelines for writing learning stories