Early Childhood Education Training DVDs and CDs

Our videos show the learning process for preschool teachers who are changing their thinking, environments, and activities to focus on emergent themes of childhood. They are suitable for independent use, in staff meetings, or classes. Use them independently or in conjunction with our books. Developed with inspiration from Reggio Emilia, they are used widely for teacher education and in-service training. Videos are in DVD format and are closed captioned.

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Right from the Start: A Guide to Hiring, Orienting & Supporting Teachers for Reflective Practices

Hilltop Children's Center and Harvest Resources


Right from the Start is an interactive multi-media DVD designed to support administrators in the challenging work of hiring, orienting and supporting teachers to become reflective and intentional in their work. Five easy-to-navigate menus include detailed descriptions of administrative practices, sample documents, Powerpoint presentations, video clips, and readings used to welcome and nurture teachers to grow into their full potential at the Reggio-inspired, internationally-recognized Hilltop Children’s Center in Seattle, Washington.
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To See Takes Time: Growing Curriculum from Children's Theories
Curriculum becomes meaningful for children and adults when we take up their interests and guide them through in-depth project work. Learn with full day child care teachers, inspired by the Reggio approach, as they probe to find the children's questions and theories and offer a range of art media and experiences to explore their ideas and involve their families.
(28 min., $60.00)
Also see the companion Study Guide, Take Time to See Through the Children’s Eyes, and the related book, The Language of Art.

Side by Side: Mentoring Teachers for Reflective Practice
Follow two child care programs as they design a mentoring program to guide their teachers in becoming better observers and curriculum developers, drawing on the children's interests. Watch the teachers gain skills and confidence in using documentation to guide their planning. See the children, as well as a mentor teacher and art specialist, guide their teachers into in-depth investigations and meaningful curriculum.
(16 min., $60.00)

Children at the Center: Reflective Teachers at Work OUT OF STOCK
In Children at the Center, teachers rethink their preschool environments, routines, materials, and curriculum. They examine the attitudes and roles that they bring to their work with children and families. This video is a visual companion to Reflecting Children’s Lives.
(24 min., $60.00 )

Building Bridges Between Teachers and Families
Building Bridges offers a first hand look at how teachers in two full-time child care programs shift their thinking and practice as they create partnerships with families. Deadru and Ann describe how they make their classrooms inviting for families and suggest ways to connect with them beyond meetings. They discuss how to think about a program as a community rather than a school. And, they challenge you to build relationships rather than requiring participation.
(21 min., $60.00)

Time with Toddlers: Training for Caregivers
Time with Toddlers has become a widely-used educational tool in college and parent education classes. It includes numerous examples of typical toddler behaviors and shows caregivers planning for and responding to them, communicating trust, and respect.
(22 min., $60.00)

Setting Sail: An Emergent Curriculum Project
Long before Hollywood provoked a fascination with the sinking of the Titanic, a group of preschoolers led their teachers on an in-depth emergent curriculum project exploring this story’s meaning for them. Over several months, the children pursued the themes of safety and danger, lost and found, and separation and reunion. Inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia, their teachers learned to collaborate, document, make decisions, and involve families in their activities. Filmed at Hilltop Children’s Center.
(19 min., $60.00)

Thinking Big: Extending Emergent Curriculum Projects
Those who have viewed Children at the Center and Setting Sail will see these teachers working with a deeper understanding of the ideas of Reggio Emilia. They guide their four and five year olds to deepen their learning as they represent and re-represent their ideas with different art media. Filmed at Hilltop Children’s Center.
(26 min., $60.00)

Study Guides

Use these presentation CDs as a self-study tool or in workshops or online classes. Viewing them requires Microsoft PowerPoint.

Take Time to See Through Children's Eyes
Viewers are invited to journey with a group of pre-school children as they explore the life of a leaf. The story traces their yearlong investigation into the life cyle of leaves, launced when a child asks why they change color. See the intellectually engaging work of theory-making, perspective-taking, and collaboration that sustains their journey. A companion to the book The Language of Art by Ann Pelo, and the DVD To See Takes Time, Growing Curriculum From Children's Theories. ($40)

Giving Children More Languages
See examples of environments where children see themselves as artists, learn about materials, and explore light and color. In these examples, children work with recycled materials, use art as a thinking tool, and build bridges to conventional literacy. Teachers document and display work, and help children study other artists. ($40)

A Study of Early Childhood Program Environments
Explore the elements of cozy, homelike environments, flexible space, and open-ended materials. Learn to include natural elements, provoke wonder and curiosity. See how to provide for symbolic representation, literacy, and the visual arts. ($40)

Leave No Child Inside: Outdoor ECE Program Environments
Learn to plan outdoor environments as carefully as the indoor ones. See elements that connect children to nature and help them feel powerful. Examples include props to enhance play, places to gather, landscape features, and storage and cleanup options. ($40)

Visionary Infant and Toddler Program Environments
Discover program elements that help children feel cozy and at home, and connect with others and the outside world. See how to engage children in sensory exploration and physical activity, make literacy meaningful, and enjoy diapering experiences. ($40)

“All Harvest Resources videos show the joy of childhood and meaningful teaching. Setting Sail and Thinking Big show the complexity of investigation and representation cycles, demonstrated in natural, evolutionary, responsive sequences arising in the lives of four and five year olds. The essential theme of children’s powerfulness clearly unites the work.”
Laurie Kocher, teacher, Abbotsford, B.C.

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