Training Teachers

Training Teachers

Redleaf Press

“At last a book that wonderfully chronicles how to teach adults within a constructivist framework.”
Louise Derman-Sparks, author and Pacific Oaks College faculty

Training Teachers:
A Harvest of Theory and Practice

Training Teachers offers dozens of training strategies and examples of adult learning theory and constructivist education in action, including methods for developing cultural sensitivity and anti-bias practices. Included are recommendations for restructuring teacher education and tips for developing and nurturing yourself as a teacher educator. As our first book, Training Teachers was instrumental in the formation of Harvest Resources.

Section 1: Changing Our Approach to Teacher Education
- Context for Adult Learning
- New Emphasis for Teacher Education
Section 2: Tools for the Harvest
- Landscaping for Constructivism
- Awareness Tools
- Active Tools
- Story Tools
- Symbolic Tools
Section 3: Dispositions and Roles for Effective Teaching
- Teacher Expectations
- Clarifying Core Dispositions
- New Roles for Teachers
Section 4: Training for Culturally-sensitive and Anti-bias Practices

- Our Journey and Developmental Process
- Guiding Principles and Strategies
- Training to Heighten Cultural Sensitivity
- Specific Training on Anti-Bias Practices
- What to Do about Holidays
Section 5: Training in Different Settings
- A Methodology for All Settings
- Workshop Settings
- Courses and Ongoing Classes
- On-site Training
Section 6: A Course on Child-centered Curriculum Practices

- Designing a Course
- The Project Approach
- Weekly Class Sessions
Section 7: The Invisible Life of a Trainer
- Training Resources and Supplies
- Getting and Staying Organized
- Professional Collaboration
- Minding Your Business
- Tending Your Own Garden

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