The Art of Awareness

Art of Awareness

Redleaf Press

“I love using this book in my observation and guidance classes. The ideas and activities are also extremely applicable to other classes, staff development events, and working with parents.”
Peg Callaghan, Chairperson ECE Department, Oakton Community College

The Art of Awareness: How Observation Can Transform Your Teaching

2nd Edition

When done thoughtfully, the observation process is a joyful one, not a clinical one; it is a way of life, not merely a technique. Because believing in and respecting all that children do is at the heart of our approach, we felt compelled to write this book.

The Art of Awareness features nine observation study sessions. It offers ideas, activities, and experiences to hone your observation skills and reawaken your appreciation for what children add to our lives. Chapters guide you in observing the themes of childhood and using your observations to enhance your teaching and your relationships with children and their families. The Art of Awareness includes display strategies, photos and observation stories, and tools for gathering, analyzing, and using documentation.

- A New Way of Being with Children: Overview of the Study Sessions
- Study Session: Learning to See
- Study Session: Observing for Children’s Perspectives
- Study Session: Observing How Children Use Their Senses
- Study Session: Observing How Children Explore, Invent, and Construct
- Study Session: Observing How Children Connect with the Natural World
- Study Session: Observing How Children Seek Power, Drama, and Adventure
- Study Session: Observing Children’s Eagerness toward Representation and Literacy
- Study Session: Observing How Children Form Relationships and Negotiate Conflict
- Study Session: Observing Children with Their Families
- Using Your Observations
- Getting Organized to Make Childhood Valued
- Making Observations Visible (includes sample documentation displays)

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