Early Childhood Education Professional Development Services

Whatever the content, the Harvest Resources Associates professional development model emphasizes reflection, collaboration, and transformation. We work with a Thinking Lens® protocol to guide this process. We are eager to ensure that what we offer is meaningful as we encourage people to examine their values, goals, and vision while learning practical strategies to work toward these larger ideals. Whether you are a teacher in the classroom, an administrator, or a teacher educator, we can help you in transforming your daily practices as well as working toward more visionary approaches. We offer professional development services through two training formats: Reflective Practices Institutes and On-Site Consultation.
Margie, Deb, Wendy, and Debbie are booking into late 2017 for multiple-day Reflective Practices Institutes, but may have availability for program consultation.  For information on our availability for these services, please contact us at info@ecetrainers.com. Harvest Resources is continuing to add new training associates who may be available for keynote speaking, workshops, and other training formats.

Thinking Lens® Reflective Practices Institutes

Our Institutes offer an opportunity to explore a particular focus of ideas and practice over the course of two or three days. During this time we create a unique learning environment and pedagogy that parallels what we hope participants will take back and create in their work setting. Learn More

On-Site Thinking Lens® Consultation

We can provide site-based consultation services to meet your program's specific needs. We work with you to clarify your vision and create a plan for professional learning that reflects your program's core values. All of our consultation services are designed to help build capacity for pedagogical leadership that supports reflective teaching and learning in your program. Learn More

Other Training Formats: Workshops, Keynote Addresses, and Seminars

Harvest Resources is committed to working towards a professional development model that allow teachers opportunities to construct knowledge in collaboration with others as they reflect on a focused topic together over time. Margie, Deb, Wendy, and Debbie prioritize their scheduling with Reflective Practices Institutes and consulting work. Several of our Harvest Resources Associates offer training in other training formats. All of our Associates share and adhere to our core values and have specific expertise in adapting these values to their unique contexts. We are happy to offer a referral for an Associate who can work with you to provide professional development services in a format that will meet your needs. Meet our Harvest Resources Associates.

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