Help with Posting to the Forums

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Joined: 03/09/2010

You must be registered and logged in to post in the forums. You only need to register once. To register, click the "Register" link at the top of the Home Page. Upon completing your registration, you will be automatically logged in and can immediately post to the forums. You will receive a confirmation email with your username and password. Keep this email in a safe place. If you've already registered, click the "login" link at the top of the Home Page and log in using the username and password that you registered with.

Once you're logged in, click on the "Forums" link at the top of the page to see a list of Forums. Click on a Forum to see a list of discussion Topics. Click on any Topic to join in the discussion. You can post a reply to the Topic (with the button at the top of the page), or to a specific message within the topic (with the button underneath a message). Click on the "reply" button and write your subject line and message. When finished, you have the option to "Preview" your message or "Save" it. SAVE your message to post it. If you preview your message, remember to then SAVE it to post it. (Your message will not post until you click on "SAVE.")

If you have technical questions or problems registering or using the Forums, please contact