Reflection on the Article

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In this interview, Harvest Resources Associate Kristie Norwood shares her perspective on staying grounded and inspired in her work with teachers in an age of standards and accountability. Is there a particular idea or quote from the article that speaks to you and the setting in which you work? How do you frame this difference between your work and your job?

One idea Kristie puts forth is the importance of seeing data as one part of the information you use in your work, but not allowing the data to "drive" your work. She says, "When we focus on individual children and teachers, we realize there is more to them than just the outcome. The experiences [we offer them] come out of 'knowing': knowing the child and the teacher as a human being and not as a position on a graph." What is your initial reaction to Kristie's distinction between being "data-informed" and "data-driven?" If data is not driving Kristie's work, what might be driving her work instead? What do you want driving your own work?